Fotografia de PartoI am happy to offer a complimentary meet and greet with all potential clients. Once you have chosen me to be your doula, you can select from the following options:

Complete Birth Package – $800

1-3 Prenatal Visits (at the location of your choice). We will discuss your,

  • Birth preferences
  • Desires, and vision for your labor and birth
  • Comfort and coping techniques and prenatal exercises
  • Make a plan for how and when I will join you during labor.

2 Weeks prior to/following your due date, I will be there to support you,

  • 24/7 on-call
  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone support

During labor and delivery,

  • I will be there to provide continuous physical and emotional support for you (and your partner).
  • I will stay with you up to 2 hours after birth and offer breastfeeding support.

Following the arrival of your baby, I offer a 60-90 minute postnatal visit at your home. During this visit, I look forward to,

  • Listening to your Birth Story
  • Offering support and education on physical healing
  • Offering Breastfeeding Support
  • Going over ways to smoothly transition into parenthood.


Labor and Delivery only – $500

Perhaps you are on your second baby, or you completed a very informative prenatal class, or just don’t have enough time to take advantage of prenatal meetings… in this case, I’m happy to offer support during labor and delivery.  We will still meet ahead of time, and I can be reached via phone or text leading up to delivery.

Birth Consulting – $250

Prenatal preparation with the support of a certified doula. I will meet with you to discuss labor options, interventions, and pain management. We can discuss any concerns you may have about your delivery, or process how past labor and delivery experiences may affect your upcoming arrival. I’m also available for guidance with breastfeeding, and immediate postpartum needs. 1-2 sessions, depending on duration.